Elysée Musical Ensembles

(some samples, but not limited to these)

Solo Flute

Solo Flute

Solo flute can be the perfect addition to your intimate gathering of 10-60 guests. The baroque repertoire for unaccompanied flute is quite extensive, and the light, yet rich tone quality that is unique to the flute will lend a beautiful touch to your event.


Flute/Cello Duo

This duo can set up anywhere, requires little space, and can accommodate a smaller budget than some of the more elaborate groups. Sets a light mood and is ideal for small receptions with open acoustical settings.


Flute & Harp Duo

It is no wonder that this duo is a standard for weddings and reception. This ensemble can function in both outdoor and indoor settings, has a wide variety of repertoire, given the fantastic harmonic range and accompaniment capabilities of the harpist.

Chamber Trio

Elysée Chamber Trio

A step up from the duos, adding the piano harmonies to flute and cello adds a remarkable sound. Any and all instruments can be highlighted in this setting, able to spark an interest in any listening audience. This set will bring class and elegance to a special dinner party, reception, or wedding. This is a regularly performing trio - we can be the focus or meld into the background. Very extensive repertoire.

Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo

This combo can consist of a variety of elements, from purely instrumental to a smoky, sultry female vocalist and her backup.
Some ensembles have included:

  • Piano/Keyboards, String Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
  • Piano, Drumset, Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
  • Piano/Keyboards, Drumset, String Bass, Saxophone, Trombone
  • The setting for these groups range from up-class dance parties to light social events.
  • Music styles include: Opera, Popular, Light Jazz, Baroque, Classical, Romantic
String Trio/Quartet

String Trio / Quartet

These ensembles goes without saying as an elegant standard for any type of classy party atmosphere. One or two violins, viola, and cello blend tremendously well for light listening as well as concert settings. Audiences are always "wowed" by the incredible ensemble playing of the larger groups.

Flute/Piano Duo

This standard duo is popular everywhere ­ sacred settings, social events, wine/cheese receptions. Easy to listen to, unobtrusive. Wide variety of repertoire.